Client Pledge

Last updated April 1, 2018

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC employs the best employees, contractors, and volunteers to aid in, educating, empowering, and encouraging the attorneys and the people they represent, who have granted us the privilege of providing paralegal services to them. Attorney-clients and their clientele can expect Best Virtual Paralegal’s employees, contractors, and seminar volunteers to deliver services according to our Pledge to Clients. Best Virtual Paralegal’s staff will:

  • Treat every client with fair and dignified treatment;
  • Deliver products and services designed to meet the needs of all clients affordably;
  • Always conduct business with the utmost integrity;
  • Strive to deliver informative, punctual, reliable services based on each client’s individual needs;
  • Strive to quickly respond to client’s questions, comments, and complaints;
  • Tailor our services to the ever-changing needs of our clients;
  • Continue to invest in the latest technology to make each client interaction safe and as easy as possible;
  • Invest in the latest continuous education and training opportunities;
  • Continually surprise our clients by going above-and-beyond and always strive to exceed client expectations;
  • Always place ourselves in our client’s shoes when interacting with them;
  • Never miss an opportunity to thank a client for his/her business – let clients know how much we value their business and care about them as individuals.

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