About Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC

About UsMission

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC’s mission is to “relieve law firm panic™” from coast to coast because at the end of the day it is people that matter the most.”

For more than two decades, the entrepreneurial founding paralegal behind Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC (The Attorney Panic Button™), with her multi-pronged brands and people-focused approach to business has inspired and cultivated changes within the legal industry by reinventing the way attorneys and paralegals work together with delivering innovative, responsive, and affordable services to attorneys and law practices, based upon each Attorney-Client’s unique challenges and practice goals.

Our paralegals, content creators, and administrative assistants help lawyers and paralegals increase workflow productive, improve leadership skills while creating “PEOPLE FOCUSED” lucrative law practices, which produce winning results. Each day, our paralegals, creators, and administrative assistants strive to keep the workflow flowing, because our team understands, ” there is more to life than coffee, curlers, and court™.”


The company’s vision in its simplest terms is to revolutionize how paralegals and attorneys work together using technology to achieve three common goals:

  1. Lower litigation overhead costs;
  2. Maximizing efficiency of today’s law practices; and too
  3. Deliver prompt, professional, invaluable and insightful paralegal services to all law firm regardless of size, structure, or budget.

Ultimately, as a company, we use Christian values such as compassion, understanding, and encouragement to guide the company’s growth and expansion.

Why Us?

FAST as 1, 2, 3, Clicks™

We have created fast 3-click services for attorneys and law firms nationwide. We know running a law practice is laborious and time-consuming. Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to make things happen.  We make things happen for attorneys nationwide, no problem.  When you are a client of Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC you don’t need to “order” our services or wait in line.

Prospective Attorney-Clients can expect their first interaction to work as follows:

  • Click 1 – Visit our website, Schedule an Intake, Meet the welcoming team, we conduct a COI Check, RECEIVE A RATE.
  • Click 2 – When you’re the supervising attorney-client, you simply send us instructions, have a case briefing with us or send requests, and the necessary information needed for the case and our paralegals get to work.
  • Click 3 – Receive the completed paralegal work product, review and supervise, go to court.

Our standard delivery time for primary simple assignments can be as little as 24-business hours based on the complexity of the case, with a few exclusions and exceptions.

When you’re a supervising attorney-client, you simply send us instructions, requests, and the necessary information needed for a case and our paralegals get to work.


Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC offers real-time open communication, fast responses to your questions, case development and we do it at prices any size law firm can afford.  Our paralegal fees can be structured by flat, hourly, and monthly prepaid rates.  For qualified assignments, we also offer pro bono services.

Our rates per structure are based on a couple of factors:

  • supervising attorneys’ location;
  • the rates our attorney-clients charge for their services; and
  • the types of services requested.

Our team understands paralegal fees are not a one size fits all. Since we are a nationally known company, our fees fit the needs of our clients and the people and the communities they serve.

Are you ready to expand your practice and earn more with less preparation? If YES, contact Best Virtual Paralegal LLC today for your customized rate!

Innovative Services

Our company is equipped with the most up-to-date technology, which allows us to provide immediate assistance no matter where our clients are located. We don’t let distance, location or time zones hold us back from delivering stellar paralegal services to our supervising attorneys.

As a company, we focus on internet safety and use a variety of technology tools to aid us in serving our clients. In addition to collaborating with MyCase, our offices use extra email encryption services, and state of the art collaboration tools from a variety of vendors.