About Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC

About Us

About Us

Since the early 1990s, Best Virtual Paralegal LLC (“BVP” or “Best Virtua Paralegal”) “The Attorney Panic Button™” has successfully improved the lives of thousands of legal professionals by helping them identify and overcome barriers that prevent their organizations achieve success.

Best Virtual Paralegal is a renowned award-winning consulting firm that provides paralegal support, legal education, and coaching services to solo attorneys, solo paralegals, small to large law firms, paralegal firms, and paralegal associations.

Best Virtual Paralegal is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to reinventing how attorneys and paralegals work together™. Technology aids BVP in delivering fast, affordable, easygoing, collaborative team-driven services to its clients.

There’s a better way to work. Panic less, practice more, enjoy work-life balance™. When we opened over 30 years ago, We declared we would revolutionize how attorneys and paralegals work together using innovative ideas and the latest technology.

We are still doing it. Read Our History


Our mission is “To revolutionize and reinvent how attorneys and paralegals work together™ using cost-efficient technology.”


Best Virtual Paralegal aims to inspire and cultivate positive changes within the legal industry throughout the United States by continually reinventing how attorneys and paralegals work together using the latest technology and innovative strategies.

Through tailored, scalable, innovative, affordable services, Best Virtual Paralegal helps legal professionals turn passion into thriving businesses. By evaluating each client’s unique business model, challenges, and goals, Best Virtual Paralegal reinvents and develops tailored solutions to help the client achieve his or her level of desired success while exceeding the client’s overall expectations.

Helping Lawyers Find Work + Life Balance - Best Virtual Paralegal LLC

By utilizing the latest technology and safety cyber protocols, Best Virtual Paralegal will make a positive impact in its clients’ lives by improving his or her overall operations, revenues, case outcomes and continuing to provide insightful strategies for the client to maintain a thriving business built on a solid foundation of work/life balance.

We Are Your Virtual Team For Life

Best Virtual Paralegal LLC puts people first. We manage, protect, leverage law office logistics, case strategies, and business principles to help lawyers and paralegals build the businesses they desire to operate.

BVP’s dedicated staff comprises paralegals, administrators, educators, and strategists with a reliable track record for nurturing and developing all-inclusive team cultures that render winning results.

Here at Best Virtual Paralegal, we ASK, LISTEN, and RESPOND with a “CAN DO ATTITUDE.” This is our cornerstone foundation, which helps us creates “PEOPLE FOCUSED” results-driven services for our clients.

Best Virtual Paralegal strives to:
  • Lower litigation overhead costs;
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity; and
  • Deliver prompt, professional, invaluable, and insightful service regardless of the client’s budget.

Each day, Best Virtual Paralegal strives to keep the workflow flowing because we understand” there is more to life than just coffee, curlers, and court™.” Read Our Client Pledge

Why Us? Services in 1, 2, 3, Clicks™ – Benefits

Best Virtual Paralegal LLC is not a by the project, by a subscription, or your traditional paralegal service. We are the sought-after lifetime solution that lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals across the United States seek out when something within their firms isn’t working. Our services are designed to be lifelong professional services similar to that of a tax or accounting professional, yet flexible enough. We understand law firms and paralegal firms are not one size fits all.

The most popular benefits reported by our clients are:

  • No Long-Term Commitment or Monthly Subscription Required;
  • Flexible Availability;
  • Available for Long or Short-Term Projects, Daily or Monthly Projects, and Emergency Projects;
  • 99% of all the software and other tools BVP uses to render services are provided at no additional cost;
  • Onsite, Virtual, or Remote Services or Hybrid Services are available;
  • Fast Delivery Times;
  • Holiday and Weekend Services are Available;
  • No Monthly Minimum Required;
  • Rates are based upon your needs and unique budget.

We have created Fast 3-Click Services™ for attorneys and law firms nationwide. We know running a law practice is difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to make things happen. We make things happen for attorneys nationwide, no problem.

You don’t need to “order” our services. Clients can expect their first interaction to work as follows:

  • Click 1 – Visit, meet or send the information necessary for us to either discuss your needs or develop an action plan for you;
  • Click 2 – We will work together alongside you to achieve and excessed the desired outcomes; and
  • Click 3 – Repeat Clicks 1 & 2 until retirement or until either party dissolves the agreement between the client’s firm or organization and BVP.

Are you ready to start creating and reinventing the law practice or firm you’ve always dreamed of leading? Contact us today for more information! We would be happy to help!