About Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC

About Us

About Us

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC – The Attorney Panic Button™ is a consulting technology-based company, dedicated to reinventing the way attorneys and paralegals work together™ using technology to deliver fast, affordable, personable, collaborative legal services to litigants across the country.

Our services help Attorneys, Paralegals, and Paralegal Associations educate, consult, guide their teams, lead their respective clients, and their members through the United States legal system with compassion, and understanding, at the helm. Read Our History


Our mission is “to revolutionize and reinvent how attorneys and paralegals work together™.”


Through multi-pronged objectives and a people-focused approach Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC aims to inspire and cultivate changes within the legal industry throughout the United States by continually reinventing the way attorneys and paralegals work together.

By delivering customized, scalable, innovative, responsive, practical, affordable, and focused services to attorneys, law practices, paralegals, and paralegal associations, we help them overcome their individual unique challenges in three corners of their businesses:

  • Their businesses as a whole;
  • Their careers or professional development (goals & objectives); and
  • Their client and team relations.

We have a multi-branded company to help our clients address day-to-day challenges on their own terms. Our team uses the latest technology & safety cyber protocols to render sound collaboration, fast delivery, and efficient assistance at reasonable fees to aid our clients with delivering winning results to their respective clientele & members.

We Are Your Virtual Team

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC puts people first. We manage, protect, and leverage legal case matters to improve overall law firm operations, revenue, and case outcomes.  Our dedicated paralegals, content creators, and administrative assistants help lawyers and paralegals by nurturing and developing a team that renders results.

We ask, listen, and respond with a “Can Do Attitude”. This is our cornerstone foundation, which helps us creates “PEOPLE FOCUSED” results driven services for our clients.

Our team strives to:

  • Lower litigation overhead costs;
  • Maximizing efficiency of today’s law practices; and
  • Deliver prompt, professional, invaluable, and insightful paralegal services and training to attorneys, law firms, paralegals, and paralegal associations regardless of size, structure, or budget.

Each day, our paralegals, creators, and administrative assistants strive to keep the workflow flowing, because we understand,” there is more to life than just coffee, curlers, and court™.”

Our founder has woven her Christian Family Values to the company to create an all-inclusive business culture build on compassion, understanding, and encouragement. Read Our Client Pledge

Why Us?

FAST as 1, 2, 3, Clicks™

We have created fast 3-click services for attorneys and law firms nationwide. We know running a law practice is laborious and time-consuming. Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to make things happen.  We make things happen for attorneys nationwide, no problem.  When you are a client of Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC you don’t need to “order” our services or wait in line.

Prospective Attorney-Clients can expect their first interaction to work as follows:

  • Click 1 – Visit our website, Schedule an Intake, Meet the welcoming team, we conduct a COI Check, YOU RECEIVE A RATE.
  • Click 2 – When you’re the supervising attorney-client, you simply send us instructions, have a case briefing with us or send requests, and the necessary information needed for the case and our paralegals get to work.
  • Click 3 – Receive the completed paralegal work product, review and supervise, go to court.

Our standard delivery time for simple assignments can be as little as 24-business hours. Turnaround time is always based on the complexity of the case with a few exclusions and exceptions. Contact us today for more information