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We lower your overhead and maximize our value by paying for our own legal research provider so you don’t have to!
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No worries here! We’ve got your back. Our company pays for our own practice management portal!
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We work with all our clients to customize services that cater to their individual challenges to form a long-lasting relationship.
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Why Choose Best Virtual Paralegal LLC?

Being an effective virtual paralegal is much more than putting up a website and having a degree or certificate in paralegal studies. Best Virtual Paralegal LLC, believes in putting clients first and taking assertive knowledgeable steps to assist busy lawyers demand justice for people in need and protect the rights of all people.

Best Virtual Paralegals understand that great results in litigation and other civil matters start with the commitment and attention to details in the initial pleadings, strategy plans, and the overall execution of discovery plans, settlement negotiations, and ultimately flawless panic-free trial preparation.

Best Virtual Paralegal LLC is always ready to help you demand justice for your clientele. Best Virtual Paralegals are experienced paralegals nationally recognized for their efforts to provide every attorney-client and his/her clientele with exceptional no judgment service and great results.

Our Experience is Unparalleled

  • Over a Decade of Civil Litigation, Family Law, & Personal Injury Experience
  • Thousands of Complex Cases Handled
  • People Focus & Results-Driven

Cutting-Edge Support & Consulting

As paralegals & consultants, Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC’s members don’t just process cases, we’ll consult with attorney-clients to help them overcome day-to-day challenges that come with running successful law practices and businesses.

Whether you have case backlog, workflow problems, training issues, or social media mayhem our paralegals and consultants can help. Schedule a Chat with Holly Sheriff, MSLS, Founding Member today!

Over A Decade of Trial, Research, & Discovery Experience

With over a decade of civil litigation and trial experience, Best Virtual Paralegal’s experienced paralegals and administrative assistants have the knowledge, skills and tools they need to help you rekindle your enthusiasm towards pretrial discovery, research and trial prep! We’ll handle it so you don’t have to!

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