Suck it up buttercup and set goals

Suck it up and Set Goals for 2020

Setting goals for the coming year you can accomplish is hard for a lot of people. In all honesty, attorneys and paralegals struggle setting goals and objectives more than any other professionals I know. I, myself, hate setting goals, but I love achieving great things, so I set new goals all the time.

Here are some tips to help you plan your business goals for the new year.

  • Use writing prompts to help you.

I stumbled across a groove blog titled Daring to Live Fully. It’s a well-written blog – written by a lawyer and fellow entrepreneur. The author lists about 36 prompts to help people with goal setting. Although I don’t know the author, I wish I did! Her blog articles are informative and funny.

  • Start small – Get an accountability buddy.

If writing prompts aren’t your cup tea, try not setting goals and ask a friend, spouse, life partner, or assistant to help you stay focus towards one change you’d like to make in the new year. I call this goal-setting approach starting small.

Remove the word “goal” from your mindset. Switch your focus to one small thing you would like to change and ask a buddy to help you stay accountable. A lot of people get to catch up on the details of goal setting. Don’t get lost, and don’t freak yourself out by calling it a goal – focus on the outcome you want to achieve. And make sure you stay the course by being accountable to another person if you fail. This is always my go-to suggestion for people who get distracted from their original goal.

  • Avoid using a goal twice.

The most common reason people fail at achieving goals is that they set the same goal year after year. A goal with no plan is a wish. Some goals require you to dig deep to achieve them. Think outside your comfort zone, narrow your scope, and examine why the same old goal is still your goal before reusing it.

Setting goals is not for everyone. Nevertheless, if you are a successful business owner, attorney, or paralegal undoubtfully, you understand setting achievable goals for your business in the new year is an essential part of owning a thriving business. It would help if you saw how your business is doing and what your competitors are doing and not doing to stay in the game.

  • Set goals you can control.

Many attorneys and paralegals fail to achieve their annual goals because they can’t control the initial target. If you are aiming for something you can’t control – take the necessary time to reframe your goal. Often, you’ll need to do a little soul searching to decide if you even want to put the effort in to achieve the initial goal. Setting a goal that can be controlled is often the ticket to success.

Sometimes to achieve the unattainable, you need to roll up your sleeves and dig deep. Moreover, If that still does not work, ask for help, and don’t give up. Setting annual goals and accomplishing the path to success is not always about learning something new. More times than not, a yearly goal setting is a lesson in perseverance and grit.  So, suck it up buttercup and set new goals for the new year.

Still there? Ready set GOAL setting time! Schedule a complimentary appointment with us, and we’ll help you achieve great things in 2020!




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