Litigation Support

Best Virtual Paralegal supports attorneys with all the aspects of a litigation focused practice.  Our paralegals can assist your litigation firm with scheduling, drafting, and developing plans for depositions, arbitrations, mediations, trials, and virtually any type of settlement meeting.

Does your law practice need a highly skilled, tech-savvy paralegal to help with your litigation practice?

Litigation support services offered by Best Virtual Paralegal can include all of our trial and document support options plus a few customized solutions for busy litigators!

The litigation services we offer consists of the following:

  • Docket management
  • Creation and preparation of exhibits and exhibit lists
  • Client communication
  • Timelines
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Evidence logs, and other work product documents
  • Organizing evidence
  • Bate stamping and scanning services
  • Scheduling and acting as a liaison between attorneys and court reporters

Litigation SupportOur expert paralegals help litigators develop, create, and present the best evidence using top-notch technology and state of the art collaboration tools.

This is just the beginning of the litigation support Best Virtual Paralegal can provide to your litigation team!

Do you need a floor plan designed to recreate a scene?  Maybe you need a time line of facts to display at trial? We can help you do that too! 

Using a variety of software and cloud based technology we can easily help you create excellent visuals to use at settlement conferences, meetings, and trials!

Litigation Support

Did you know?

Calendar Sharing and Docket Management

Clients are welcome to share a copy of trial and appointment calendars via Google Calendar or Outlook.

Should your firm hire our company for case management, pretrial, or trial, management and development, granting us access to your calendars and schedules is required to be eligible for this service.