Trial Preparation

Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC offers two different types of trial preparation and trial services.

VIRTUAL TRIAL PREPARATION SERVICES work similarly to our litigation, discovery, and document preparation services. All trial prep performed by our paralegals is cloud-based. Virtual trial preparation is mainly the document preparation side of preparing for a trial.

*IN PERSON/IN TRIAL PREPARATION services are available. However, these services MUST be prescheduled 30 to 60 days in advance.  Our litigation paralegals can travel to your office before trial, during a trial, and after to assist you in all your trial needs from A-to-Z.

Whether your cases are big or small we can help you develop a trial blueprint in a way that meets your needs. Need a paralegal in a trial? We can do that!

Our in-trial paralegal services go much deeper than our virtual trial preparation. Our in-trial services will help your law firm:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Our paralegals can help you run through all your particular devices, PowerPoint presentations, and E-trial books.

A technical glitch makes your legal team look unprepared. Our paralegals understand that technology can be unpredictable and it’s crucial to go through the motions of using whatever device, cloud-based product, and software you intend to use in a trial.

  • Explore, Explore, Explore. When you’re a solo practitioner, it’s hard to make time to explore the particular courtroom setting for trial to ensure that the courtroom can accommodate the technology plan to use.

This is where we come in — when you hire our team for in-trial preparation we can go and scout out the courtrooms and other facilities to ensure the courtroom can accommodate your trial plan.

  • Paralegal at the table. Our paralegal at the table services are specially designed for the solo practitioners who need that extra set of hands in the courtroom on trial day.

Just because you use a paralegal that is not down the hall doesn’t mean, our paralegals can’t be at your trial or deposition call us for an in-trial quote!

. *Some restrictions may apply and there may be additional out-of-pocket costs associated with these services.