What’s Your Firm’s Electronic Mail Policy

What’s your firm’s Electronic Mail Policy?  Does your support staff and clients know what is acceptable to share via electronic mail? Does your firm have a written electronic mail policy for your staff to sign? No? Then this article is for you! In this quick tip of the month, we will share few reasons law firms should have a written electronic mail policy. We‘ve provided a sample policy to help your practice develop a great internal policy.

Why Law Firms Should Have An E-mail Policy

More than ever law firms rely on email as a primary way of communicating with staff, clients, courts, and opposing parties. As an owner or principal member, it is important to protect your practice from liability, data breaches, and bad public relations.In addition, believe or not, it is crucial that you nurture and foster positive and common sense. That is exactly what an electronic mail policy should do.

When writing your policy keep these four (4) main reasons in the back of your mind.  You want a policy that will:

  1.  Help hold staff and clients accountable;
  2. Protect and preserve attorney-client privilege;
  3. Reduce the possibility of data breaches; and
  4. Help reduce firm liability should a breach happen.


As cloud computing, electronic filing, and virtual law offices are gaining popularity, local courts and bar associations have enacted their own rules for electronic mail. And it should be understood, local court rules and professional rules of conduct and ethics may vary between jurisdictions. Your state may have its own guidelines and suggestions for using email in a law practice. Therefore, prior to drafting your policy you should consider reviewing all the guidelines outlined by your jurisdiction.

In conclusion, having Electronic Mail Policy is a great tool to help manage, nurture, and promote a work culture that will enhance your firm’s individual goals and brand.You email policy is a great training tool. Does your firm need help with preparing, assembling, and training new employees? We can help! Contact us today to start developing a training plan for your practice!

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