Proper Phone Etiquette in the Workplace

Proper telephone etiquette in the workplace is very important. Proper telephone etiquette can be ultimate keys to gain positive impression from clients. There is a right way of making or answering calls and you must adhere to the rules especially when you are representing a law firm. It is essential to ensure that every call is properly handled with professionalism and excellence.

Here are some proper phone etiquette tips that can help you

  1. Absence of an emergency avoid taking personal calls or text messages at work. If you must answer or respond to a personal call or text message during the workday, do it during a designated break.
  2. When answering or making a call always identify yourself with your name and position or job title. Always answer a phone by saying “good morning’’ or “hello’’. Always introduce yourself politely by stating your name or the company you are representing.
  3. Avoid sounding overly aggressive, anxious, or pushy. It is important to keep a tone that conveys confidence and authority.
  4. When working in an open floor plan or cubicle office use an inside voice and turn down any music or move away from loud distractions.
  5. Think before you make calls to clients and opposing parties. You need to think about what you exactly plan to discuss or say before placing a call. You can jot down essential items you need to discuss and questions that you plan to ask. Or you can simply expect or predict being placed in a voicemail system. By planning your questions and messages you can make them direct and as concise as possible to persuade the person you are talking to respond.
  6. Keep a short, concise, and daily call log by writing down the name, phone number, and brief description of your calls. Include a time entry to help capture billable actions.

Proper telephone etiquette in the workplace is a vital skill for lawyers and paralegals to possess. Proper etiquette can help boost trust, productivity, and efficiency between co-workers and clients. Need help developing proper phone scripts for your office? Contact us – we can help!




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