Our Clients Say It Best!

More than a year ago my law office was in need of a virtual paralegal service to assist in working on Social Security Disability cases – obtaining medical records to support claims. Mid-summer I took on a civil Federal Court case – and Best Virtual Paralegal was there to support my office with drafts of pleadings, scheduling of out of state depositions, calendaring and reminding my office about deadlines well in advance, etc. Around that same time my office started working one on one with Holly Sheriff – coaching about process – how to name files, how to keep track of files, how to organize and delegate workflow – all those things they didn’t teach in law school. Best Virtual Paralegal consistently exceeded our expectations in the following areas: technology – they use MyCase portal for all communication and documents; management – Holly Sheriff supported the efforts of her staff – Marcus Collins and worked to enhance his success and the success of my law office all the while effectively using time and meeting deadlines; professionalism – dedicated, motivated, able to accept criticism, worked as a team, & high standard of integrity; client service – good communication through the MyCase portal and telephone, completed assignments on time, knowledgeable about client cases, & relied upon as a legal/business confidant; and, strong technical skills that allowed me to practice law – thorough research, written/oral communications, follow through on tasks, and obtained a good understanding of the Social Security practice & utilized knowledge of civil practice. Best Virtual Paralegal’s provides effective paralegal services. That being said, they are also the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. Hard workers & nice folks – a recipe for success.
– Elizabeth
Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Smith, P.C.
I can honestly say without Holly’s help I would still be loss searching for my first client. After a few sales pitch sessions, I was able to implement a sales process that works.
– Trisha
Freelance Paralegal

They did a great job, I would use their services again.
– Judy Smith
I can honestly say without Holly’s help I would still be loss searching for my first client. After a few sales pitch sessions, I was able to implement a sales process that works.
– Trisha
Freelance Paralegal
Holly is an excellent mentor and coach! She is dedicated to guiding you on a path that will suit you and your own personal goals as well as teaching you new and exciting things about your trade. She is a great sounding board for new ideas and always there to listen when you need to work through something.
– Kate
Virtual Paralegal
Holly’s the best! She will work with you in areas that you are weak and make you strong. She will work with you tirelessly until you get the concept, she is trying to get you to accomplish.
– Karen
President and CEO
Virtual Paralegal Company
Holly excels in her profession by interacting with attorneys and law firms of varying backgrounds and expertise. She has experience in working with executive level staff in legal agencies and exhibits her strong interpersonal skills, and excellent verbal and written communication skills. Holly demonstrates initiative, team building abilities and is resourceful, and more.
– Terri Renee Gutman
Grant Writer / Legal Researcher
Texas, USA

As a solo attorney in Florida, I couldn’t be happier with Best Virtual Paralegal.

They have their own law practice management system in place, which makes sharing documents and secure communications incredibly easy. Through this technology, I maintain direct supervision of Best Virtual Paralegal’s work; even though we live in different states!

Best Virtual Paralegal quickly establishes trust with their timely responses, friendly tone, and professional work product.

Best Virtual Paralegal has many years of experience, and provides insights and suggestions to help me serve my clients. It is always good to have an extra set of eyes on a matter, and to have a team member to maintain scheduling alerts.

I am now able to do more client or marketing work, while being secure that Best Virtual Paralegal is paying proper attention to my client’s needs.
– Gabriel Munoz-Calene
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Tampa, Florida

We can count on Holly to stay on task and pay attention to the even the smallest of details.
– Olivia W.
Attorney & Compliance Management Consultant
Family Law & Estate Planning
Tennessee, USA
I have used Best Virtual Paralegal (BVP) a number of times with excellent results. Holly is easy to work with, produces excellently drafted documents and cannot be beat on her delivery times. I would definitely recommend her and her staff to anyone interested in using a virtual paralegal.
– J. Cooper, Attorney at Law
Estate Planning, Tax Planning, and Smart Investing
North Carolina, USA
Holly is a trustworthy, detailed and efficient paralegal who I did not have to micro manage. She was careful to only do paralegal work and give other tasks to members of her staff with a lower hourly rate. I would definitely hire her again.
– Denise M. Torres
New Mexico
Very professionally run service and great quality.
– Jeff Millar
Attorney and Owner of the Law Offices of Jeff Millar

As a thriving law practice in Murfreesboro, Tennessee I am always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective for my clients. With the availability of tremendous technology resources, reaching outside of the brick and mortar law office to aid clients is easier than ever. Holly, though many hours and a different time zone away, provided virtual paralegal services in a professional, timely, and informed manner.

I was always connected with Holly through the use of technology and was constantly informed about what was being done. The ability for me to view her work product timely and participate remotely in edits and strategy changes was crucial. For the law practitioner looking to expand the services provided to their clients at a reasonable cost and with quality results, Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC is a must.
– Joshua T. Crain
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Holly has been serving me as a Virtual Paralegal and Secretary since 2008. She does excellent work, and keeps me up to date with reminders and insights about my work. I continue to count on her.
– Richard D. Schreiber
Attorney & Sole Practitioner
The Kearns Law Office
St. Louis, Missouri