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State Courts/Local Resources for legal professionals

Alabama: Judicial System

Alaska:  Judicial System Resources for the State of Alaska:
Recent Filings | Public Administrators | State of the Judiciary Addresses |Court Director 

Arizona:  Arizona Courts Arizona Fire Departments Arizona Counseling Services Arizona Police Departments Arizona Government Offices

Arkansas:  Arkansas Courts Resources Arkansas Fire Departments Arkansas Counseling Services Arkansas Police Departments Arkansas Government Offices

California: California Courts California Fire Departments California Counseling Services California Police Departments California Government Offices

Colorado:  Colorado Courts Colorado Fire Departments Colorado Counseling Services Colorado Police Departments Colorado Government Offices

Connecticut: Connecticut Courts Resources Connecticut Fire Departments Connecticut Counseling Services Connecticut Police Departments Connecticut Government Offices

Washington DC:  Department of Agriculture  Department of Commerce  Department of Defense  Department of Education  Department of  State  Department of Justice  Washington DC Vital Records  D.C. Courts D.C. Fire Departments D.C. Counseling Services D.C. Police Departments D.C. Government Offices

Delaware: Delaware Courts Delaware Fire Departments Delaware Counseling Services Delaware Police Departments Delaware Government Offices

Florida:  Florida Courts Florida Fire Departments Florida Counseling Services Florida Police Departments Florida Government Offices

Georgia:  Georgia Courts Georgia Fire Departments Georgia Counseling Services Georgia Police Departments Georgia Government Offices

Hawaii:  Judicial System Hawaii Courts Hawaii Fire Departments Hawaii Counseling Services Hawaii Police Departments Hawaii Government Offices

Idaho:  Judicial System Idaho Fire Departments Idaho Counseling Services Idaho Police Departments Idaho Government Offices

Illinois:  Judicial System Resources: Illinois Courts Illinois Fire Departments Illinois Counseling Services Illinois Police Departments Illinois Government Offices

Indiana:  Judicial System  Resources: Indiana Courts Indiana Fire Departments Indiana Counseling Services Indiana Police Departments Indiana Government Offices

Iowa:  Judicial System E-File (EDMS) Login  Docket Record Search Pay Fines Online  Search for Iowa Attorneys Common Legal Terms Court Forms

Kansas:  Judicial System Resources: Kansas Courts Kansas Fire Departments Kansas Counseling Services Kansas Police Departments Kansas Government Offices Court Rules Court Forms Supreme Court Law Library Case Management Statistics Child Support Guidelines

Kentucky:   Judicial System Resources:   Law Library Criminal Records

Louisiana: Judicial Branch  Resources: Services

Maine:  Judicial System  Resources: Maine Courts Maine Fire Departments Maine Counseling Services Maine Police Departments Maine Government Offices

Maryland:  Judicial System  Directory of Courts Domestic Violence Court Records Attorney Search

Massachusetts:  Judicial System  Resources: Massachusetts Courts Massachusetts Fire Departments Massachusetts Counseling Services Massachusetts Police Departments Massachusetts Government Offices

Michigan:  Complaints, Court Forms, Michigan Laws, Judicial System

Minnesota:  Judicial System County Map   87 Counties, Resources: Minnesota Courts Minnesota Fire Departments Minnesota Counseling Services Minnesota Police Departments Minnesota Government Offices

Mississippi: Judicial System

Missouri:   Judicial System, DMV, Resources: Missouri Courts Missouri Fire Departments Missouri Counseling Services Missouri Police Departments Missouri Government Offices

Montana:  Judicial System, Resources: Montana Courts Montana Fire Departments Montana Counseling Services Montana Police Departments Montana Government Offices

Nebraska:  Judicial System, Resources: Nebraska Courts Nebraska Fire Departments Nebraska Counseling Services Nebraska Police Departments Nebraska Government Offices

Nevada:  Judicial System; DMV&PS, Resources: Nevada Courts Nevada Fire Departments Nevada Counseling Services Nevada Police Departments Nevada Government Offices

New Hampshire:  Judicial System, New Hampshire Vital Records, Resources: New Hampshire Courts New Hampshire Fire Departments New Hampshire Counseling Services New Hampshire Police Departments New Hampshire Government Offices

New Jersey:  Judicial System DMV White Pages Yellow Pages,

New Mexico:  Judicial System, New Mexico Vital Records

New York:  Judicial System, Court Decisions, Domestic Violence, Court Rules, Attorney Search Judicial Resources E-Track

North Carolina:  Judicial System  DMV  Resources: North Carolina Courts North Carolina Fire Departments North Carolina Counseling Services North Carolina Police Departments North Carolina Government Offices North Carolina Vital Records

North Dakota:  Judicial System  North Dakota Libraries  North Dakota Vital Records

Ohio:  Judicial System, Supreme Court BMV, Education

Oklahoma:  Judicial System, Resources: Oklahoma Courts Oklahoma Fire Departments Oklahoma Counseling Services Oklahoma Police Departments Oklahoma Government Offices

Oregon:  Oregon Courts OJIN – Your Access to Oregon Cases on the Internet Oregon Public Records Free Search –

Pennsylvania:  Pennsylvania‘s Unified Judicial System, Docket Sheets – Pennsylvania‘s Unified Judicial System,,  Forms

Rhode Island:  Rhode Island Judiciary, Criminal Information Search, SearchRhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Corrections: Inmate Search, Rhode island Records – State RecordsRhode Island Criminal Records Search and Background Checks

South Carolina:  Judicial System

South Dakota: Judicial SystemChild Support FormsForms, CourtReporterManual_2008.pdf, boundaries, Contact clerk courts, Supreme Court/calendar.aspx, Indian Law Handbook.pdf, Schedule_of_Civil_Filing_Fees_and_Court_Costs.pdf,  SDGuidelinesAandNProceedings.pdf

Tennessee: Judicial System, Tennessee Department of Health, Unclaimed Property, Driver License & Driving Records, Public Case History , Forms & Publications, Courts, Employment, Current Rules

Texas: Judicial System, Case Search The Supreme Court of Texas

Utah: Judicial System, warrantsrules, E-Filing,  E-Filing juvenile, state courts, /divorce, calendars/ Documents codes, court rules/, Non-public Records, Appellate Court Records, Searching District Court Records at the Courthouse, Weekly Case Reports, Court Filing, Transcript, & Record Fees,


Judicial System, E-Filing, Court-Forms

Virginia: Judicial System 

Supreme Court of Virginia  Forms and Applications

Court of Appeals
Forms used by the Court of Appeals of Virginia

Circuit Court
Forms available for completion online, sample forms and instructions, and a full list of forms used in circuit court

General District Court
Forms available for completion online and a full list of forms used in district court

Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
Forms available for completion online and a full list of forms used in district court

Foreign Language Translations of Forms
Foreign language translations of certain court forms for informational purposes only. All forms filed with the court are required to be completed in English.

Washington: directory, Court Forms, Court Rules,

Search for a case, Law library, Notice of Court Closures

West Virginia: Judiciary System,  Court Information by County News & Publications Jury Information, Law Library Domestic Violence, Court Rules, Court Forms

Wisconsin:  Judiciary System, E-Filing/, Case Search.  Rules circuit, attorney Link,   forms for circuit court, list of court fees

Wyoming:   Judiciary System, Statutes & Law Library, Supreme Court Cases, Court Rules,

Other legal research tools:

Free Full-text Online ABA Law Review/Law Journal Search Engine


ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

Links to federal and state local court rules can be found at LLRX:

’Lectric Law Library’s Forms Room also offers free law practice, business, and general forms, but read their “Extreme Caution” warning below, which should probably be heeded for any free forms site.

Resources for Verdict Searches

  • General federal court rules (e.g., Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and state court rules can both be found at

LawInfo provides a free jury verdicts and settlements database has a pay database of jury verdicts at Annual subscription prices are based on law firm size. Day passes are available to any practitioner for $349 to view up to 75 cases. is maintained by The National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers (NASJVP).While the site does not offer a searchable database of verdicts, it links to the sites of its members that publish jury verdict summaries throughout the United States.

Free Internet Legal Information

  • FindLaw for Legal Professionals (Thompson Reuters) Includes case law, case summaries, statutes, legal search engine, legal news, RSS court updates, and practice information.
  • Government Printing Office (Fdsys) Access to official Federal Government publications, including authenticated PDF documents.
  • Justia Includes case law, statutes, regulations, articles, opinion summaries (newsletter), and limited access to Federal District Court dockets.
  • Legal Information Institute (LII)  (Cornell University Law School) Provides primary legal materials, legal encyclopedia, and the Supreme Court Bulletin.
  • Public Library of Law (Fastcase) Includes case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, constitutions, and legal forms. 
  • Wash Law Legal Research on the Web  (Washburn University School of Law) Links to federal, state, international, and foreign law, search government information by topic.

Search Engines

These sources limit Web-searching to law-specific resources.