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Effective Date 1998 / Last Updated: March 6, 2021
Notice Version 10
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This document governs the privacy notice of any websites owned by Best Virtual Paralegal LLC | BVP Services (“Best Virtual Paralegal, we, us, or Company, BVP. BVP Services, BvparalegalCoach”). This privacy notice tells you what personal information and nonpersonal data we may collect from you, how we protect it, how we may use it, how you can access or change how we may you any data we may collect about you.

This policy might differ from any other privacy statement on any other website owned by the Company.

The Company is a limited liability company in Missouri and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and we are committed to online security. Best Virtual Paralegal has put online, physical, electronic, and other managerial procedures to safeguard the integrity of our visitor’s, client’s, and vendor’s personal information.

This privacy policy applies to all Best Virtual Paralegal’s subsidiaries, partners, authorized agents, websites, and social media pages. All Best Virtual Paralegal’s authorized personnel and its online presence that contains access to personal information are legally bound to adhere to this policy. This Privacy Policy may govern or apply to information collected or used by Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC through other means, including but not limited to client projects or our service agreements. Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC owns this privacy policy.

Depending on the Service, Best Virtual Paralegal may provide additional or different privacy statements or notices for specific interactions with us or highlight how we use your personal information for specific Services. Where we do this, it will be clear which statements apply to which interactions and Services. For example, if you use our paralegal services, you will be supplied with a privacy policy as it applies and project data.

Our paralegal services are solely performed under the direct supervision and direction of licensed practicing attorneys. Although we are professionals, our services should not be a substitute for professionally licensed services. If legal or other professional advice is required, the services of a licensed professional should be sought. The attorneys who use our services are solely responsible for the outcome of the work we perform. Best Virtual Paralegal’s services are not a substitution or a source for a lawyer to learn how to practice law about a particular subject or topic.

Best Virtual Paralegal LLC is not a law firm. Best Virtual Paralegal LLC’s Paralegal Services is solely performed under the direction and supervision of licensed attorneys who are professionally responsible to their clients for the work product produced. Goods and services contained herein are valid to legal professionals present and residents of the United States. No legal services are being made to a nonlegal professional in or outside the United States. Best Virtual Paralegal LLC doing business under BVP Services may have nonlegal business and coaching services available to nonlegal professionals.

Views and opinions expressed by Best Virtual Paralegal LLC employees, including many bloggers, are those of the employees and bloggers. They do not necessarily reflect the view of Best Virtual Paralegal LLC, any of its officials, or any of its professional affiliations. If you have questions about this disclaimer, please contact us.

Personal Information

Best Virtual Paralegal may collect these particulars and other data from visitors:

  • Name
  • Postal and email addresses
  • Phone and facsimile numbers
  • Business-related information

Best Virtual Paralegal does not knowingly collect or keep any personal information from children under 13. No part of this website attracts anyone under the age of 13.

We collect the information from visitors for our internal purposes, such as providing services, issuing quotes, and including, but not limited to maintaining, evaluating, and improving our services, websites, responding to and fulfilling requests for information, and providing support clients and visitors.


We employ the highest industry standards to protect the information visitors and clients may elect to submit and voluntarily share with us. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the internet. Depending on the Service, Best Virtual Paralegal may provide additional security notices to you.

Future Emails & Phone Calls

Visitors should know that submitting information to us through any online forms does not qualify as entering into a client contract with Best Virtual Paralegal. But by providing and supplying Best Virtual Paralegal with any personal information or filling out any of Best Virtual Paralegal’s online forms, the end-users and visitors are granting Best Virtual Paralegal and any of Best Virtual Paralegal’s authorized personnel permission to contact them via email, phone, United States Postal service and through Best Virtual Paralegal’s Constant Contact and Mail Chimp email marketing accounts. Therefore, visitors should know that anytime they share information or contact details with Best Virtual Paralegal through this website or any other owned by Best Virtual Paralegal, they are granting Best Virtual Paralegal permission to send additional marketing materials or emails to them. By contacting us through this website, you opt-in to receive future emails.

This website is not intended to solicit clients outside the United States. This website is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Best Virtual Paralegal does not sell or share email addresses with any third parties. This website does not solicit clients of the public. This website only solicits clients who are licensed practicing Attorneys and Paralegals in the United States.

If you wish to opt-out of receiving these emails, you are free to unsubscribe.

Cookies and Target Geo Technologies

Best Virtual Paralegal may set and may use cookies and similar technologies to store and manage user preferences, deliver targeted advertising, enable content, and gather analytic and usage data. Using cookies and other tracking technologies is standard across websites and apps through which information is collected about your online activities across applications, websites, or other services.


This website contains links to other sites owned by Best Virtual Paralegal and other entities. We are not responsible for the content or privacy of other sites. We urge visitors and end-users to use their due diligence when they leave our website by reviewing and reading the privacy policies and or statements of other websites to determine what personal information is gathered and collected, and used by the other websites.

Occasionally, the Company participates in affiliate marketing and may allow affiliate links to be included on some of our pages. This means we may earn a commission if/when you click on or make purchases via affiliate links.

As a policy, the Company will only affiliate with products, services, coaches, consultants, and other experts to provide value to our customers and followers.

The Company will inform you when one link constitutes an affiliate link.

You recognize that it remains your responsibility to investigate whether any affiliate offers are right for your business and benefit you. You will not rely on any recommendation, reference, or information provided by the Company but will instead conduct your investigation and rely upon your investigation to decide whether to purchase the affiliate product or service.

Data Retention

The Company retains your personal information and any information you provide for as long as necessary to provide the service and fulfill the transactions you have requested, or for other essential purposes such as complying with our legal obligations, maintaining business and financial records, resolving disputes, maintaining security, detecting and preventing fraud, abuse, enforcing our agreements. After any services, you may receive a notice as to when, where, and how your information and data may be destroyed or returned to you unless otherwise explained or controlled by another policy herein or in any of Best Virtual Paralegal LLC’s service agreements.

Suppose you access the Company’s services through a service agreement or an event administered or sponsored by your organization. In that case, we retain your organizational contact details after the termination of your organization’s service agreement to continue communicating with you and or for a conflict-of-interest log as required by the ABA.

Electronic & Photo Policy

The Company may use images and recordings from seminars, public events, and other activities as marketing materials on our website, newsletters, and social channels. The president of Best Virtual Paralegal LLC will approve all images and recordings that are selected for use.

Keeping with guidelines regarding internet publishing, names will be used with all photos unless otherwise stated. No personal phone numbers or addresses will be allowed on any public domain portions of any site or sites used or owned by BVP.

By attending BVP public events including webinars, The Virtual Paralegal Cafe™, Public CLEs, and other activities, members, sponsors, and visitors agree, authorize, and grant BVP full rights/permission, royalty-free, to use and publish all photographs, audio recordings, and electronic representations or likenesses taken of him, her, they, or it unless otherwise stated in writing.

To revoke this permission, please submit in writing a request to Best Virtual Paralegal LLC 8521 Route 104 Mount Pleasant Mills, PA 17853-8710.   Your image or likeness with being removed or redacted within 3-5 business days of the request. If you appear in a group photo, any identifying parts of the photo will be redacted (blurred out), or you may be asked to step out of the photo or turn off your video feed.

If you feel we are not abiding by our privacy policy, contact us immediately via first-class mail at Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC Attn: Webmaster, 8521 Route 104 Mount Pleasant Mills, PA 17853-8710.


Using this website, you consent to the collection and use of the information as specified above with the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, Event Policies, Earnings, and Education Policies. If we change these policies, our webmaster or marketing team will update this page. Please review this policy carefully to ensure you understand it completely and visit the page frequently to stay abreast of our current policy.