QDRO Services

Do you put off preparing QDROs?

QDRO 1Stop putting off offering Qualified Relations Order Services to your clients! We can help you collect all the information from your clients and the Plan Administrators! Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC has a  team trained in the art of tracking down and speaking with Plan Administrators.


QDRO 2Our paralegals have experience with military QDROs, pensions, 401k, IRAs, 403(b), thrift plans, profit-sharing plans, money markets, money purchase plans, employee stock ownership plans, tax-shelter plans, annuities, and business/ corporate defined plan.

Why Use Our Service?

QDRO 3Our company’s founder has spent years developing a plan within Best Virtual Paralegal LLC specially designed for handling QDROs. We have maintained a database with over 500 plan Administrator’s names, addresses, telephone numbers, and/or the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Written QDRO Procedures (WQP) for various plans for companies worldwide.

How Our Services Work

Step 1

We have our own simple intake sheet for preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.  This intake sheet is the most important part of our 3-step process. We ask that all clients fill out our intake sheet for each QDRO they need.  Our intake sheet will speed up the process time. The intake sheet outlines important facts only the participant of the account would know.

Step 2

With this step, all you have to do is return the completed intake sheet, consent, the last statement of the subject account, and a copy of the MSA or decree which explains the terms of the division.

Step 3

The third and final step of our QDRO processing is the coolest! It’s cost. Depending on the complexity of the QDRO and excluding preparation of the required marital settlement documents most of our qualified domestic relations orders are billed to clients at a FLAT Rate per account/ document!

Helpful Hints and Tips for using our services

Don’t forget to include instructions for our paralegals regarding how we need to address profits/losses, Plan Administrator Fees, and loans. These issues are matters of law, which can vary from case to case.  Our paralegals cannot unilaterally decide how to handle these issues.  We must have directions from the supervising attorney in the file regarding the proper way to address these issues in each document.

‌ Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC is not a law firm.  Our QDRO Services are only available to attorneys and law firms throughout the United States.