Legal Research

Best Virtual Paralegal’s legal research services are the ideal solution for busy attorneys especially when the issues are stacked against their client.

Whether you need cites checked, caselaw and statutes found we have the training, experience, and the tools to do the job!

Our legal research provider gives us access to state cases, statutes, and regulations for all 50 states and US territories.  In addition, we have paid access to the most extensive library of robust transactional forms the industry has to offer.

Top Benefits

  • Saves you time
  • Save you the money of a subscription or a second user
  • Will travel to onsite locations

We offer a variety of services under our legal research services.  The most popular services include:

  • researching case issues and preparing an easy to read outline;
  • researching case law and developing a one-page case law brief (IRAC) or legal memos (CRAC) formats;
  • Cite Checking and Shepardizing;
  • Argument outlines;
  • Verdict searches;
  • Fact checking research;
  • Creating expert profiles for you by researching opposing counsels, and experts, and searching for witnesses; and
  • To add flexibility to our research services we will travel to and from courthouses, law libraries, our clients’ offices, and other locations for the purposes of picking up case files, assignments, preforming research, verdict searches, witness, and expert research and interviews and more.

Legal ResearchThe Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shares borders with Delaware and Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, New York State to the north and New Jersey to the east.  This excellent location makes it possible for us to affordably travel within the region.

Whether you need help with your case strategy, case analysis, or an answer to a vague question, Best Virtual Paralegal has the tools, technology, and the training to help you find the solution and best remedy for your client’s case.