Family Law

Family LawFrom coast to coast, family law practices are plagued with high emotions, strict deadlines, and a ton of discovery. Family law attorneys often need help with managing these issues.

Best Virtual Paralegal’s family law paralegals assist law firms in all 50 states with the managing and preparation of family law matters from inception to trial or settlement.

When your law practice focuses on contested, non-contested divorces, massive litigation regarding issues such as grandparents’ rights, termination of parental rights, adoptions, divorce, child custody, division of property, estate planning, and prenuptial agreements, you need paralegals behind your law practice, that you can trust.

That is where our paralegals come in! Our family law services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial fact gathering interviews with the respondent, petitioner, and other witnesses
  • Drafting, preparing, and examining, initial, and/or responsive pleadings and motions
  • Case briefings with supervising attorneys via Skype for business
  • Preparation of standard document exchanges and standard mandatory discovery
  • Helping to prepare the respondent, petitioner, and other witnesses to be deposed by reviewing and practicing proposed questions
  • video conferences with the respondent, petitioner, and other witnesses·
  • Document reviews with the respondent, petitioner, and other witnesses for necessary revisions
  • Calculation of child support, alimony, and/ or spousal support (aka spousal maintenance)

Our suite of family law paralegal services are designed to help our supervising attorneys expand their law practices and enjoy practicing law without spending countless hours preparing to practice law!