Deposition Summaries

As ligation paralegals, Best Virtual Paralegal’s experienced staff understand the importance of a great deposition summary. Deposition summaries are invaluable, insightful, and case productive trial tools every great litigation attorney loves to use, but often lacks the time to create.

Deposition SummaryBest Virtual Paralegal wants your law firm to be able to enjoy the benefits of a great deposition summary to help find that one missing puzzle piece.  Therefore, our team has developed accurate, concise, reliable, and usable deposition summaries prepared by our most experienced litigation paralegals at a FLAT FEE rate that you and your clients can afford!

Our experience paralegals are trained to condense and digest deposition testimony, no matter how complex, into a summary your litigators can use at trial or in your war room.

Best Virtual Paralegal offers several formats ranging from comprehensive with a table of contents with hot links to bullet-point, and short hand type summaries.

If you’ve Got Depos™ we want, you to have depo summaries too! Special needs – just ask.  We will take care of the rest. Call us today for a free flat fee quote!