Criminal Law

When you’re a defense attorney the clock is ticking.  You have someone’s life in your hands.  Best Virtual Paralegal understands the fast track you’re on at all times.

Our paralegals offer special work product and standard paralegal services just for you.  Our most requested services aimed at assisting defense attorneys are:

  • Acting as a liaison between you, the defendant, and witnesses
  • Preparation of various documents, motions, and answers
  • Requesting discovery from the district attorneys
  • Gathering all of the necessary fingerprinting forms and instruction for the defendant in a variety of cases
  • Order the 911 dispatch information from the arresting agency
  • Interviewing witnesses and other parties, providing a recording of the interview along with a written narrative
  • Assisting with expungements;
  • Gathering all pertinent information before the next court date and
  • Help with witness and jury profiles, and trial notebooks
  • Preparation of professional and criminal pardons.

Criminal Law

Best Virtual Paralegal’s criminal law service work similar to many of our civil case services in that we can help your law practice with the preparation and timely filing of the defendant’s list of witnesses, exhibits, and theory of defense and more.

Best Virtual Paralegal is one of the only virtual paralegal companies that has extensive experience with professional pardons! Contact us today!