Client Relation & Case Management

Best Virtual Paralegal offers to all its attorney-clients the option to add on client relations in case management services to any paralegal services. Our paralegals can assist your firm with developing, implementing, and employing client relations in case management strategies.

Client Relations

Best Virtual Paralegal’s client relations services are designed to be client relationship management services. Our paralegals help solo attorneys and overwhelmed in-house staff with maintaining effective knowledge and personal connections with the firm’s current, previous, and potential clients.

Our paralegals use different types of technology to help us nurture your firm’s relationship with your clients by sending notifications, returning phone calls, and sharing case updates with your clients aimed at creating a positive bragging-worthy experience.

Specialty client relations services include:

  • Welcome packets
  • Exit packets
  • *Personalized Holiday/birthday/thank you cards sent via snail mail*
  • Document Editing and general document preparation

Case Management

Best Virtual Paralegal’s case management services are designed to enhance our client relation services by keeping our attorney clients up-to-date on the happenings and schedules of their cases. 

These services are uniquely designed to make your client retention process simple, easy, streamlined and organized. These services are where Best Virtual Paralegal’s practice of people come first shines through the most.

To be eligible for client relation services/case management access to your firm’s appointment book, court schedule, and client biographical information is required.

. *Some restrictions may apply and there may be additional out-of-pocket costs associated with these services.