Appellate Services

Appellate ServicesElectronic brief preparation

Best Virtual Paralegal’s experienced staff can assist appellate attorneys with a variety of appellate services ranging from writing, formatting, and more.

Our paralegals can assist your law practice with the research for developing arguments, composing, writing your brief, extracting the record, composition and formatting of the coversheets, table of contents, table of authorities, bookmarking, and hyperlinking and more.


  • All of our Appellate Services are electronic/cloud based.
  • Assistance with E-filing is available upon request for select jurisdictions.
  • Document and file conversion to digital searchable format is available.
  • When we say, “bookmarking”, we mean enabling OCR, inserting of bookmarks and hyperlinks, when required for rule compliant electronic submission.
  • Review of word count statements and assistance with ensuring compliance with the rule.

We are the extra set of eyes your practice needs to thoroughly review your brief line by line, section by section to ensure it adheres to the court’s formatting requirements.