Paralegal Business Consulting & Coaching

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Dynamic Results Driven Business Coaching for Freelance & Virtual Paralegals

Are you ready to build the freelance & virtual business of your dreams? Let us help you create a work culture that makes you want to jump out of bed!

We specialize in one-to-one executive business coaching services paralegals in transition or planning to join the gig economy and start a successful business. Our primary goal is to work with freelance/virtual paralegals and attorneys who want to build and grow successful businesses.

Services Include:

Business Plans
We’ll help you build a blueprint for accomplishing your objectives, capacity building, we navigate areas that require adept handling of disparate interests and position your business for ongoing growth.
Change your mind set – start thinking like a successful entrepreneur. We help you build and implement integrated business and people strategies critical to accelerating profitability and growth from an entrepreneurial mind-set.
Sales Pitch
Training designed when you’re not a salesperson, but you need to develop sales strategies to attract new clients.
Learn new marketing skills and strategies when you’re not a marketer but you need to know how to navigate a variety of marketing strategies to build a steady stream of new clients and nurture current clients.

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Power Hours – Client Driven
Guided sessions driven by your questions, concerns, and problems designed to help you develop a solutions that may be right for you, leveraging tools to help you forecast potential scenarios, assist with a transition roadmap and connecting you to resources to help you succeed.
Weekly Check-in Sessions
Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for busy paralegals who need more hours in the day. We’ll work with you weekly and bi-weekly to make sure you’re staying on track with the structured accountability and/or support to make sure you are executing on your plan and getting the results you want.
DIY- Brand Strategy & Design
We’ll help you make sense of your mission, vision, and design. We’ll even point you to the best tools on the market to help you create the best brand for your plan.

Committed To Your Needs

For over a decade now we’ve helped business coaching clients build thriving owner-independent companies. As you start your journey of independence from your role as an employee to becoming a successful business owner, we can help you along the way because we have been where you are going.

Building a successful business is more than a 9 to 5 paralegal job, it a journey towards creating enduring, positive change in business cultures and bottom lines to reinvent a work culture that makes you want to jump out of bed every day to go do the things you love to do. Schedule a complimentary GoToMeeting with us today by clicking the button!

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Through its more than 5,000 colleagues nationwide, Best Virtual Paralegal, LLC renders empowering and effective results for clients in over 120 counties in every state via innovative and efficient people and business solutions using industry-leading resources and technical expertise. We would love to add you to our list of colleagues.

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