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Guest Speaker Guidelines – 2019 –

Best Virtual Paralegal suggests the following guidelines to help guest speakers when providing a presentation at a Best Virtual Paralegal LLC meeting, teleconference, webinar or conference. These suggestions also work well as reminders for presentations sponsored by other companies and venues.

Presentation Decks – Slides

  1. Presentations should be created on most current PowerPoint or Google slide Best Virtual Paralegal template or the template required by the venue.
  2. Best Virtual Paralegal should receive slides no later than 7 days prior to the event.
  3. Decks should include:
  • Intro Slide – Include the title, topic (if applicable), date and time of event, and all presenters with contact information.
  • Content Slides – Keep slide titles short, bullets concise, and add graphics when it complements the text.
  • If you want to use more interactive technology like live polling, include the question and answers on one slide and let Best Virtual Paralegal know in advance to allow time for evaluating the slides.
  • CLE Code or Event Code for general interest topics should be included on every slide.
  • Copyright Slide – included in the template; no changes are needed.
  • Closing Slide.

Guest Speaker Materials

  • Outlines and Bio – are necessary for the accrediting boards, marketing materials, and etc. Outlines, bios and credit applications should be received up to 70 days prior to an event.
  • Guest Speakers may be eligible for teaching CLE credits from a variety of accrediting boards.To claim teaching credits, please contact the accrediting board of your choice.
  • Handouts – if you have background information, case studies, or more substantive content including references for your presentation.
  • Script – if needed, write out what you plan to say; practice in front of a mirror, adjust, and repeat.
  • Prepared Questions and Answers – sometimes attendees have a lot of questions and other times they do not. It is always a clever idea to have a few questions and answers prepared. This will the audience transition into the interaction part of the presentation.

The goal of offering the above guidelines is to aid us in satisfying the needs of our audience and to help our guest speakers keep their audience engaged in our educational programs and offerings.

For more information how you can become a guest speaker with Best Virtual Paralegal visit the Calling All Speakers post today!

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