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Excel shortcuts to help your practice

As a paralegal, I use Microsoft Excel every day to create spreadsheets, graphics, and trial exhibits.  Here are some of the most common shortcuts: CTRL + 1 Format Box ALT + E + S + T Copy Format ALT + H + 0 Increase Decimal CTRL + SHIFT + 7 Boxing ALT + H + [..]

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Microsoft Word Shortcuts

 Keyboard shortcuts As a paralegal, business coach, and entrepreneur Microsoft Word Shortcuts are my favorite productivity tool.  It’s incredible how many paralegals and attorneys don’t use word shortcuts. I’m hoping this blog can help a few attorneys and paralegals start using a few word shortcuts. SHORTCUT DESCRIPTION Ctrl+0 Toggles 6pts of spacing before a paragraph. [..]

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DON’T SHARE YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY HOW TO SCRUB YOUR WORD DOCUMENTS Original Publish date 2015 last updated 7/12/18 It’s amazing how many attorneys and paralegals still ask us “How to scrub a word document and a PDF document.” This is the #1 question asked at all our webinars and live seminars within the past three [..]

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