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Be a leader in unpredictable times

Being a leader in the unpredictable times we live in is hard work. With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, our priority is to stay safe. We want to ensure our family, friends, and employees stay healthy.  As business leaders, we’re all scared, we’re feeling out of touch with our clients, followers, and family members. Many of [..]

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Affiliate Programs vs. Sponsorships

Should you pay, or should you get paid? Affiliate Programs vs Sponsorships – Should you pay, or should you get paid? These are the frequent questions new Markers have. Additionally, many people get sponsor programs and affiliate programs confused. The answer to all these questions is it depends. Both affiliate and sponsorships can help your [..]

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Aconducting  should be the first step for a lawyer or paralegal wanting to venture out on his or her own. Regardless, whether you want to start a firm or moonlighting as a freelancer you are starting a business. Your self-assessment is a tool designed to help evaluate your personal traits. A business is more likely [..]

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